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Founded in 2017, the NOMOS Watch Club has established itself among NOMOS enthusiasts. The Fanclub is acknowledged by NOMOS Glashütte and blogs independently from the brand

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Wristwatches have something special; They are pieces of the highest level of engineering and carry a lot of emotions. Since its founding in 1990, NOMOS Glashütte revived the spirit of German watchmaking

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First on Instagram and shortly after on Facebook, NOMOS enthusiasts have found together to share their passion and interact with their pictures and comments

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Share your passion for NOMOS watches with 1000+ members in the NOMOS Watch Club Facebook group. Post your pictures or questions and join sound discussions among watch enthusiasts and those, who would like to become one! Have fun, everyone is welcome! (Please answer the enrollment questions)

About the founder

Founder & Executive Editor


My name is Christopher Waluga, but you can call me Chris! After graduating from Bauhaus University Weimar (Germany) and Technical University of Cracow (Poland) in architecture, I decided to go a new path and dedicate myself entirely to the love for watches - especially NOMOS Glashütte ;)

Watch enthusiast


The enthusiasm for NOMOS and wristwatches in general came up very slowly; First it was interest, then it became a hobby and then it became my new purpose. Now I'm working as Business Development- and Social Media Manager in the world of watches, where I create content of what I love the most: Watches

My first NOMOS


My first NOMOS watch is an Ahoi Atlantic Date and was given to me by my family, after successfully graduating in Architecture and thus continuing a family tradition. With its Bauhaus aesthetics, this watch unifies my past in architecture with my new life chapter in watches


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